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Welcome to the Ukrainian Community of Western Pennsylvania (UCOWPA)!      Вітаємо!

2014 HOVERLA Ukrainian American Film Festival

                          2014 HOVERLA Ukrainian American Film Festival

Frick Fine Arts Auditorium

650 Schenley Dr.

Pittsburgh, PA, 15213


Sunday, October 19th

5:30 p.m.

Women of the new Ukrainian cinema.


The story of Ukrainian immigration to North America in documentaries by Halya Kuchmij
An overview of  works by the award-winning CBC film director Halya Kuchmij (Canada) devoted to the first wave of Ukrainian immigrants.  Click here to see Halya Kuchmij speaking about her film "The Passion of Kurelek"
Is there life on Mars? / Чи є життя на Марсі? (2013)
This heart-warming film by the writer Anastasiya Bilousova and directors Olga Krajnyk and Volodymyr Khmelnytsky was flmed in the village of Mars in Chernihiv oblast’.  It shows everyday challenges, family relations and community life in rural Ukraine affected by the Chernobyl disaster and struggling in times of economic crisis.
Maidan: Women. / Жінки Майдану  (2014)
This new documentary by the director Natalia Piatygina and writers Natalia Sukach and Olga Chesnokova focuses on personal stories of  women who were on  Maidan as  medics, volunteers or simply as mothers of young protesters and  policemen. 
No less than 50 kg/ Не менше 50 кг.(2013)
The award-winning short film by Maryna Artemenko participated in 40 film festivals and can be viewed as a break-through in portraying of young Ukrainian women in cinema .  Read more about Artemenko's work here:
Pittsburgh audience had a chance to see Artemenko’s films last year as a part of the project Goodbye Ukraine! (Click here to refresh your memories about the film Timka by Maryna Artemenko and Oksana Artemenko:
 Intermission/ Refreshments
7:00 p.m.
Shadows of Unforgotten ancestors / Тіні незабутих предків (2014)
 The film by the Ukrainian director and producer Lubomyr Levytsky is considered to be a paradox in contemporary Ukrainian cinema. Levytsky is a  new type of a filmmaker who managed to finish his movie without any financial support from the state and achieved a box office success appealing to the young generation of Ukrainians. 
In his interview recorded especially for this presentation Levytsky talks about his credo and his familiarity with Carpathian folklore. 
 Click here to see the news report about the film:




LINKS to selected previews, comments and interviews:

Babylon’13 Manifesto

Ihor Chajka talks about his documentary Острів Крим. Дежавю/The Island of Crimea. Déjà vu on Hromadske.TV

Lubomyr Levitsky presents Shadows of Unforgotten Ancestors

Women of the Maidan (Published by FulbrightUkraine -The 2014 Women of the Maidan Photography Exhibition on display in the Maidan Nezalezhnosti features photographs taken by 25 photographers from Ukraine, United States, Portugal and Russia.

Ivan The Powerful/Strong Ivan, film by Victor Andrienko


* Hoverla is the highest mountain in Ukraine

OCTOBER 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2014 

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